DESTROYED Blog Tour: Excerpt

I’m excited to a be part of the blog tour for Madeline Dyer’s latest release, Destroyed! I’ve already read the first two books in the series — the excellent Untamed and Fragmented — and I’m currently reading the third book, Divided.

The finale of her YA dystopian fantasy Untamed series went live on Nov. 20, and I’m pleased to share an excerpt.



“They’ve ruined it,” Corin whispers. “Why?”ebook (1)

“Because that’s what the Enhanced do.” My voice is soft. Or maybe it was the destruction that did it. The destruction I caused.

I take a deep breath and look at what’s left of Nbutai.

“What do we do?” Corin asks. His face is flushed with heat and sweat, but the coming air will be icy—I just know it will. Corin takes a step closer. “Sev?”

Something cracks high above me, and I freeze, look up: soot and debris, and a large rock. It falls a hundred yards away. Dust plumes up, reaches us, and we all turn, our backs to it.

My dog howls again.

“We have to stay here,” Taras yells, his voice coarse as he and Jana join us. “There’s going to be another storm, but that hut over there looks okay. There must be some game around here too. We need to find food, rest a bit—properly, before we travel to the Tareskl Peninsula and find my people.”

“Your people?” Corin says.

“Of course. They have been left unprotected, with no Seer.” He glances at Jana. “Your people too? Are you their only Seer? How many are in your group?”

Every muscle in Jana’s forehead visibly tightens, and her eyes narrow. “Talking of people we will never see again is pointless.”

“But we will see them again,” Taras says. “They are your family, we will look for them.”

“I have no family. Not anymore.”

“Why?” Esther asks. “You don’t know they’re dead.”

Jana kicks at the ground. “Some of them deserve to be.”

I inhale sharply and glance at the others. They all look at me, then each other.

A strange silence radiates from Jana as she folds her arms, and then the five of us are moving, and it’s like we’re all pretending Jana didn’t say that. Because why would she? What could they have done?


Pick up your copy of Destroyed (and the other three books in the series) here:

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About Madeline Dyer
30591626_2044993659121645_3880142398021435392_n (1)Madeline Dyer lives on a farm in the southwest of England, where she hangs out with her Shetland ponies and writes young adult books—sometimes, at the same time. She holds a BA Honors degree in English from the University of Exeter, and several presses have published her fiction. Madeline has a strong love for anything dystopian, ghostly, or paranormal, and she can frequently be found exploring wild places. At least one notebook is known to follow her wherever she goes.

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BLOG TOUR: Alienation by S.E. Anderson

J.D. Cunegan

Welcome to the Alienation BLOG HOP TOUR.

Please take your seat and strap yourself in, as we take you on an intergalactic tour. You will be amazed, entertained, and educated. Manoeuvre through the cosmos and be astounded at all you see. Hunt down the hidden words that will get you to your final destination where a one-of- a -kind award awaits one lucky traveller.

You are here to celebrate the release of Alienation, book two of the humorous Sci-Fi series, Starstruck.

20623566_10213617375530787_675999032_oSally Webber’s dream is coming true: Zander is back and taking her out for a night on the town–on a planet hundreds of light years away from Earth.

But when an accident separates her from her alien tour guide, she’s thrown into the seedy underbelly of an insane city where nothing is as it seems. Suddenly lost and desperate to get back home, Sally is willing to do anything to get out, even if it means accepting spontaneous marriage proposals, crashing some fancy parties, or joining what appears to be the space mob.

All she wanted was some decent interstellar pizza, but now it might be the end of the world as evil nanobots and an out of control AI try to take the universe by force, and the only one who can stop them is missing in action. Sally has no choice but to try to stop them herself–if she can stay alive that long.

Pre-order your copy now!

Alienation is the fantastic sequel to the hit sci-fi comedy, Starstruck by S.E.Anderson.


An Interview with Zander

You’re immediately impressed by the striking figure who walks in. Zander strikes through the room like he owns it. You feel slightly unsettled, actually: you can somehow feel him taking in the room, counting people and exits. There’s no doubt in your mind that he could easily subdue you if things get out of hand. But when he reaches your table, he brushes a hand though his gravity defying hair, and smiles. Instantly, you’re at ease.22218159_10214098773365432_2004129849_o

Blog: Hi, you must be Zander!

Zander: That’s me! You want to interview me? What’s this all about?

Blog: This new book you’re in. Alienation? It comes out soon, and I want to give my readers the inside scoop. If that’s alright with you, I have a few questions.

Zander: Fire away!

Blog: I love your enthusiasm. Right. So tell us a little about yourself. You’re not from Earth, are you?

Zander: Nope, I’m from… somewhere else. It’s really complicated. I could through a few syllables together and call it a planet, and you’d believe me. I won’t stoop that low. I’m from, in short, space.

Blog: O…kay. So you’re an alien. You look rather human, though.

Zander: A lot of ‘aliens’ in this corner of the Milky Way do, you might be surprised to learn. We all share some common ancestors, got separated over a few million years. We’re cousins to the stars.

Blog: Does that mean you have special powers?

Zander: My sister, Blayde, makes me call them abilities, for some reason, But yeah, I have spooky powers! I can jump – basically, teleport – from any one place to the other in the universe. It’s a little limited: while I can jump really well to a place I can see right before me, when it comes to the intergalactic vastness of space, the locations I reappear seem to be completely random.

Blog: Fascinating. So when you take Sally somewhere out in the universe, you have no idea where you’re taking her?

Zander: Nope! Isn’t that fun? The universe is a surprise planet grab bag.

Blog: But what if it’s not safe?

Zander: We’ll be fiiiine. I’ve been alive for thousands of years, I know how to keep my friends safe. I’m immortal! It’s pretty awesome.

Blog: If that were the case, we wouldn’t have much of a book…

Zander: Aww, come on! Fine, sometimes I mess up. I’ll admit it! When it comes to Sally, I completely lose my bearings.

Blog: And why’s that?

Zander: I’m not… not quite sure. I’ll have to get back to you on that.

Follow this exciting blog tour starting at your first stop UrbanHype101 and if you get lost in cyber space, come back to UrbanHype101 for the tour map.

There’s something new to read, see, or hear on each of these stops.

Don’t forget to hunt for that special word and if you find ALL of them, send them to and you could win a signed copy of Alienation and a gift pack of unique swag. This contest is open internationally.

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