2022 Writing Snippet #1

Not the final cover.

A periodic look at some of the passages and lines I’m most proud of. For this one, a couple paragraphs from the forthcoming Summertime, Assassins, and Other Skullduggeries. Not gonna lie, I’m pretty proud of this one.

It wasn’t long before the hotel in question came into view. The Hilton Midtown, a hotel that stretched for the sky and had undoubtedly hosted many a high-class affair over the years. There was no telling how many companies and organizations around the world had booked this hotel for their meetings and conferences and black-tie dinners—whatever excuse to visit New York City, get dressed up for a night, and pretend they were more important than they really were.

That was another thing this city was good at: making people think they were better, smarter, more consequential than they actually were. How else could a failed real estate tycoon with multiple bankruptcies on his resume end up in the White House?