Alexandra Engellmann, author of Sky Ghosts: All for One

I think, whether you’re a fantasy or sci-fi fan or not, if you love action – read (Bounty) without a doubt. The author did a really great job introducing the series, and something tells me the next book will be only stronger.

Casca Kelly Green, author of Children of Fate

“An adrenaline-saturated, violence-for violence’s-sake, action flick type of enjoyment… one part police procedural, one part espionage thriller, two parts near-future science fiction suspense. The protagonist is snarky good fun, her personality somewhere halfway between Deadpool and Lara Croft, with a little Wolverine thrown in.”

A Drop of Ink Reviews

“This book embraces what indie books are all about. J.D. Cunegan gives readers something they’d never run into in the mainstream publishing world. This is why I love indie books so much.”