In addition to my novels and seemingly everything else I write, I occasionally knock out a short story. With the exception of those listed below, I make these stories free to you all right here on this site. Consider this a way of me thanking you for your continued support.


A little more than two years before the events of Bounty, Jill Andersen makes a life-Boundless Final_Resizealtering decision. But this decision comes with consequences she didn’t foresee, and her first night as the vigilante Bounty winds up being something for which she was wholly unprepared.

A crisis of faith eventually gives way to certainty: both in terms of discovering who killed a young man named Johnny Ruiz and in terms of coping with the latest change in her own life.

Along the way, Jill defies death and discovers just how deep the city’s corruption runs. But will she survive the experience long enough to decide if a life of vigilantism is for her?

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Millions of years agLegends of the Gem Final (2)o, the Gem of Notna was created. A race renowned for its peace birthed the ultimate weapon—and it paid the ultimate price.

Eons have passed. The gem found its way to Earth, leaving a path of bloodshed and destruction in its wake. From ancient Greece to the Vatican through the Civil War to more recent events that saw the gem tucked away in a little-known tomb in the Amazon, there is no shortage of legends related to the Gem of Notna.

Building on the mythology established in NotnaLegends of the Gem takes readers on a journey through time, both in and out of this world. After all, the Gem of Notna has plenty of stories to tell…if you live long enough to hear them.

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Cracks in the Tapestry coverWhat happens when the mundane and the fantastic meet? We get Cracks in the Tapestry.

Can a former secret agents sister return from the dead? Bringing with her mysteries surrounding her miraculous return.
Reverend Josiah takes his message from God to a new planet eager to spread the gospel.
A NASCAR driver discovers there is much more happening on the track then he ever had imagined.
The legend of an ancient warrior who discovers a gift from the gods above.
A scientist discovers something very peculiar about an archaeologist exhibiting
A newborn siren discovers a man who can resist her song.
A Sioux warrior must face off against the might of the US Military Remnant to defend his home and people.

Will you peer through the Cracks in the Tapestry

Cracks in the Tapestry collects stories from Leslie Conzatti, J.D. Cunegan, Arthur David, C. Scott Davis, Benjamin D. Pegg, R. Eric Smith and Lorna Woulfe.

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51-kFlT3QhL._SY346_In a pocket dimension, a dark creature comprised of a living illness is sending pieces of itself across the multiverse. As the emissaries of this horror reach different versions of Earth they are spreading the disease they carry and causing the deaths of countless people. Heroes from countless dimensions are facing off against this threat as the vigilante Raptor travels from universe to universe gathering a coalition of warriors to battle the source of this scourge.

The greatest heroes from independent comics, novels, and YouTube come together to face this threat! Within the pages of this book, you will read both short stories and comics featuring Raptor (Matthew Dennion), Marshal Star (Dennis Roth and Declan Burke) Jeremy Walker (Zach Cole), The Whisper (Serene Dennion), Bounty (J.D. Cunegan), The References, The Work Force (Mark Dennion), The Strangers (Jean-Marc Lofficier), Caitlin Crow (Alan OW Barnes), Moonstalker, Centurion (Christofer Nigro), Cosmic Gorilla (John Opal), Sky Girl (Joe Sergi), Jake Cooper (Martin Tiller), Smash (Chris A. Bolton and Kyle Bolton), Airheart (Jay Taylor), Striven (Tom Warin), Lightweight (Nicholas Ahlhelm), Nagoraiar (Planet-G), Augustine and Bell (William T. Kearney), and Draco Azul (Andres Perez).

All proceeds from the sale of this book will go to the patients at St. Jude Children’s Cancer Research Hospital to fight the real life monster of childhood cancer.

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What happens when the world we know isn’t quite the world we know? Perhaps there are Warps in the Tapestry

Warps in the Tapestry, the follow-up to Cracks in the Tapestry, Includes stories from Jason Allard, Deneen Ansley, Joel Byers, Leslie Conzatti, J.D. Cunegan, Arthur David, C. Scott Davis, Kirsten Ireland, Amanda Lane, Liz Rosales, and Lorna Woulfe.

SOTA – A government agent hires a private investigator to help her solve a string of murdered computer hackers.

The Union – What happens when we truly remember and embrace that thing which we truly are? Where would that deep, dark magic take a lonely and troubled boy? Larenzo is about to find out.

Abbadon – Hell, with all that free real estate, it’d be a shame if the demons needed to build a wall.

Finding Her Niche – Ever since Lacey’s brothers joined the superhero task force, it seems that they’re always off saving the world while she’s stuck at home. All she ever wanted was to find a way to see them more often. Who knew that she’d actually find something she was good at, in the process?

Project Fusion – Renowned cybernetics expert Dr. Sebastian Lo finds himself captured by the very people who hired him to lend his expertise to Project Fusion, a secret government experiment designed to create super soldiers.

Agents of the Third Party: Red Hand Day – Croc’s day went simple enough. Go to a bar, get kidnapped, bust up a ring of child spies. Just another day in the life of an international spy. But nothing is ever simple, and soon Croc finds himself traveling to the other side of the world to investigate a new threat to the world along with a new partner.

Defending Azazel – After Earth’s first war with an alien species, one soldier confesses to crimes he could not have possibly committed, unshakable in his insistence that he is guilty.

Time on Earth – A tale that takes the reader on a science fiction journey into an alternate ending to a popular piece of mythical lore.

Arisen – After a series of natural disasters causes all of the cities of earth to crumble into ruin and all anyone can do is survive. But what happens when the dead refuse to stay dead? What happens when these dead come back as something else entirely? Something… superhuman?

The InBetweens – London, 1985. Pauli feels like an actor who’s lost the script – to her own life. Belonging nowhere, everything is familiar and at the same time incomprehensible. There’s a ripple in the fabric of time…

Midnight at the Five and Dime – Being a cop was all I ever wanted. Descending from a long line of law enforcement professionals, I felt the calling to serve and protect. I was also one of the few with an interface. Along with my AI partner S.A.M. ; we kept the streets of NYC safe. Everything was great… until all hell broke loose.

Will you dare to explore the Warps in the Tapestry?

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Ghost of a Life
Samantha Blanchard is a paranormal investigator tasked with examining a haunted college dorm. But things aren’t quite as they appear, and Samantha could find herself working her last case — and the ghosts aren’t what she should be afraid of.

Like a Snowball in Aspen
Edward Cole, private investigator, finds himself out of a job — and on the brink of death — when his employer is discovered to be everything he thought he was investigating against.

The Agency
Bethany Harmon has been a secret agent for four years, and her record is spotless, but her loyalty is suddenly called into question because of an association she has outside of the Agency.