In addition to my novels and seemingly everything else I write, I occasionally knock out a short story. With the exception of Boundless — the upcoming prequel to Bounty — I make these stories free to you all right here on this site. Consider this a way of me thanking you for your continued support.



A little more than two years before the events of Bounty, Jill Andersen makes a life-Boundless Final_Resizealtering decision. But this decision comes with consequences she didn’t foresee, and her first night as the vigilante Bounty winds up being something for which she was wholly unprepared.

A crisis of faith eventually gives way to certainty: both in terms of discovering who killed a young man named Johnny Ruiz and in terms of coping with the latest change in her own life.

Along the way, Jill defies death and discovers just how deep the city’s corruption runs. But will she survive the experience long enough to decide if a life of vigilantism is for her?




Cracks in the Tapestry coverWhat happens when the mundane and the fantastic meet? We get Cracks in the Tapestry.

Can a former secret agents sister return from the dead? Bringing with her mysteries surrounding her miraculous return.
Reverend Josiah takes his message from God to a new planet eager to spread the gospel.
A NASCAR driver discovers there is much more happening on the track then he ever had imagined.
The legend of an ancient warrior who discovers a gift from the gods above.
A scientist discovers something very peculiar about an archaeologist exhibiting
A newborn siren discovers a man who can resist her song.
A Sioux warrior must face off against the might of the US Military Remnant to defend his home and people.

Will you peer through the Cracks in the Tapestry

Cracks in the Tapestry collects stories from Leslie Conzatti, J.D. Cunegan, Arthur David, C. Scott Davis, Benjamin D. Pegg, R. Eric Smith and Lorna Woulfe.

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Ghost of a Life
Samantha Blanchard is a paranormal investigator tasked with examining a haunted college dorm. But things aren’t quite as they appear, and Samantha could find herself working her last case — and the ghosts aren’t what she should be afraid of.

Like a Snowball in Aspen
Edward Cole, private investigator, finds himself out of a job — and on the brink of death — when his employer is discovered to be everything he thought he was investigating against.

The Agency
Bethany Harmon has been a secret agent for four years, and her record is spotless, but her loyalty is suddenly called into question because of an association she has outside of the Agency.