Short Stories

In addition to my novels and seemingly everything else I write, I occasionally knock out a short story. With the exception of Boundless — the Kindle-exclusive prequel to Bounty — I make these stories free to you all right here on this site. Consider this a way of me thanking you for your continued support.

Ghost of a Life
Samantha Blanchard is a paranormal investigator tasked with examining a haunted college dorm. But things aren’t quite as they appear, and Samantha could find herself working her last case — and the ghosts aren’t what she should be afraid of.

Like a Snowball in Aspen
Edward Cole, private investigator, finds himself out of a job — and on the brink of death — when his employer is discovered to be everything he thought he was investigating against.

The Agency
Bethany Harmon has been a secret agent for four years, and her record is spotless, but her loyalty is suddenly called into question because of an association she has outside of the Agency.