Blood Ties

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Find out about author J.D Cunegan. His second novel is out now, Blood Ties.

Author interview

Tell us your latest news?
January 5 marks the release of my second full-length novel Blood Ties – the follow-up to my debut novel Bounty (which published last June). Blood Ties will be available in both paperback and Kindle through Amazon, and in paperback through CreateSpace. In Blood Ties, Baltimore homicide detective Jill Andersen is confronted with a murder that leads her to believe she can exonerate her father Paul, who is sitting on Death Row after being convicted of three murders over a decade ago. But the case goes far deeper than Jill realized, and she eventually faces the fact that her father might be beyond saving.

What inspired you to write your first book?
Bounty was almost 20 years in the making. I created Jill Andersen, the main character, when I was…

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