NEWS: Find Me on Patreon

I am now officially on Patreon. You can visit my page — and become a Patron — here.

So what is Patreon? Well, it’s like Kickstarter, but it’s not. Whereas people use Kickstarter to fund specific projects on a one-time basis, Patreon is more of a subscription format. For instance, people who pledge to my Patreon page do so on a monthly basis. The amounts people donate don’t have to be anything substantial, and through Patreon, I can offer some really cool goodies for people who decide to pledge.

So why set up a Patreon?

Well, from my Patreon page: “Here’s something no one tells you about being self-published: it can be expensive. Between hiring editors and designing book covers and worrying about promotion, a lot of times, you’ll find yourself spending money you might not necessarily have (especially if you’re not one of the better-selling authors). The purpose behind this Patreon is to help me with the expenses of being a self-publishing author. Indie publishing is a tight-knit community; we’re all fans of each other and we try to help whenever possible.

“Consider this me asking for help.

“Please don’t feel obligated to pledge if you can’t. Money’s not nearly as tight for me as it used to be, but I still remember what it’s like to wonder where your next meal’s gonna come from or how you’re gonna pursue your dream without sinking your bank account into the negative. Even sharing this page with others is a big help.

“No one gets where they want to be all by themselves. If I’m to achieve my dream of being able to write novels for a living — of being a bestselling author — I need to occasionally reach out for help. This doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and it doesn’t happen overnight. This is a long journey, and I would be honored if you’d take that journey with me.”

I will have plenty of updates and other content on my Patreon page, much of it available only to Patrons. So please visit my page, and if you decide to pledge, then let me say thanks in advance!

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