Works-in-Progress. All of Us are Just Works…

A glance at the (several) different projects I have in various stages of development. No release dates here–not even tentative–because I tend to not have good luck with setting dates for these things. I’m seriously thinking of finishing several of them before I even think of releasing anything. I think a backlog would let me set up a steady release schedule, and hopefully, you all won’t have to go years between new releases again.

Oh, don’t look at me like that.

Unless otherwise noted, all titles are tentative and subject to change if I think of something better.

Bitter End (Jill Andersen #6)
The first draft of this book–which will be the end of the current arc with David Gregor–is actually complete. But in the first round of revisions I realized that with so much packed into this book, I might be better off splitting it into two books (say, Bitter Divide and Bitter End) released six months apart. This book/these books won’t be the end of the series (at least, that’s not the current plan), but I’ve invested so much into this arc and in the dynamic between Jill and Gregor that I wanna make sure I do the end of it justice.

Not the final cover.

Summertime, Assassins, & Other Skullduggeries
Last year’s NaNoWriMo project, a lesbian assassin thriller that’ll be as close as I ever get to writing a true love story, is more than half-written–if it remains a one-book story. Sometimes, I feel like I have the space and the pacing to tell this story in one book. Other times, I think I might need to make it a two-parter or a trilogy. Either way, I’m planning to finish the entire story before publishing any of it, no matter how many books it takes. It’s been a fun story to write…for the most part.

Prelude to Hellion
Similar to Legends of the Gem, this will be a collection of short stories–with the through-line serving as the narrative backdrop that will eventually launch my new series. President Amanda Crawford is the brainchild behind a secret, off-the-books task force called Operation: Hellion, and the series that comes from this short story collection will marry the best parts of Notna and the Jill Andersen series.

Land of the Free (Hellion #1)
Operation: Hellion is the result of President Amanda Crawford deciding humanity needs to be protected from the growing supernatural menace, particularly after the deadly attack on the Capitol building in Notna. She assembles some of the brightest supernatural minds in the world–and some of the strongest supernatural muscle–to study and eradicate monsters, demons, and other such creatures. Ideally without the American people ever finding out.

About J.D. Cunegan
J.D. Cunegan is known for his unique writing style, a mixture of murder mystery and superhero epic that introduces the reader to his comic book-inspired storytelling and fast-paced prose. A 2006 graduate of Old Dominion University, Cunegan has an extensive background in journalism, a lengthy career in media relations, and a lifelong love for writing. Cunegan lives in Hampton, Virginia, and next to books and art, his big passion in life in auto racing. When not hunched in front of a keyboard or with his nose stuck in a book, Cunegan can probably be found at a race track or watching a race on TV.

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