2022 Writing Snippet #2

A periodic look at some of the passages and lines I’m most proud of. For this one, a couple paragraphs from the forthcoming Prelude to Hellion. This is another one I get pretty chuffed over every time I read it.

[President] Crawford helped Pearson into a sitting position as the generals and other advisers slowly filed out of the Situation Room. Shrugged shoulders and arched eyebrows trailed them out the door, and Donaldson hung behind, too busy wiping at his face with a handkerchief to notice anything else. The sight of red on the otherwise pristine cloth made his heart skip a beat before he pushed his way out of the room.

“What was all that?” Pearson asked.

Crawford shook her head, stealing a quick glance at the ceiling fan. Which was no longer spinning. “Let’s just say this task force is even more necessary than we thought. And it might not be a bad idea to add a mystic or two to my Secret Service detail.”

Pearson’s brows shot skyward. “I think I have the Winchesters on speed dial.”

For the first time since Election Day, Crawford let loose a genuine, full-throated laugh.

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