May 2022: Month in Review

Another look back at the past 30-ish days.

Another short post, because apparently, my day job can’t just chill. I need to get back in the swing of things. Perhaps June? Maybe July?

Actual News!
May might’ve been light on posts, but I did take an important step this month; I revealed the cover for Bitter End (Jill Andersen #6), courtesy of the awesomesauce Sarah Anderson!

Click here for the original post.

The Defense Rests
Fan fiction gets a lot of shit, and none of it’s deserved. Yes, I’m a fanfic defender.

It’s a Dirty Job, But Someone’s Gotta Do It
Most writers I know despise editing. But what if I told you I have four tips that will not only make the process easier, but maybe even more fun?

I won’t even charge you four installments of $19.99 for it.

Just Finished
Dreadknot by S.E. Anderson, The Heartbeat of a Million Dreams by Halo Scot. Both tremendous reads; look for reviews in the next week or so (or look me up on Goodreads and see them now).

Currently Reading
Eye of the Brave by Halo Scot.

First Person vs. Third Person
When I started writing Summertime, Assassins, and Other Skullduggeries, it was in third person, because that’s how I write just about everything and it’s automatic at this point. But on a whim, I tried the first couple chapters in first person, and I liked them so much that now I don’t know what I’m gonna do.

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