July 2022: Month in Review

There isn’t much to review, because I didn’t do much in July other than work and try to survive.

No, really.

There’s something I’m dealing with health-wise that is sapping both my energy and my ability to focus. I have an appointment set up to look into it, but I can’t help but feel how inconvenient this is. Like, I’m too busy for this nonsense. I have shit to do. I can’t be getting sick.

I have a feeling I know what it is, and it’s scary in a way, but again: there is too much shit to do. I don’t have time for this. Just because I’m 40 now, that doesn’t mean my body can start acting like a car once the warranty’s expired.

Stop it, body. I have things to do.

And when I say I can’t focus…I haven’t written a word in weeks, and I haven’t read anything in almost as long. There’s just nothing there, and I’m afraid there won’t be until I get some answers on this other thing that’s bothering me.

Sometimes, I hate this whole being human thing.

One book I did manage to read was Iron Widow by Xirna Jay Zhao. I don’t yet have it in me to write a full review (see above about the whole focus thing), but it’s a fantastic tale of righteous rage and using that rage to dismantle systems that don’t deserve to exist. Oh, and it takes one of my all-time least favorite tropes — love triangles — and turns it on its head. Everyone needs this book on their shelf.

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