Odds and Ends, November 2022

Not a Month in Review (since the month just started), but random musings on a quiet Saturday.

Goodbye to Medium
I’ve deleted my Medium account and will no longer write for that platform. Part of it’s because Medium kicked me out of the Partner Program (where my articles could’ve earned money) without telling me, and it’s also because my writing hasn’t gotten the traction there it has when posted to this site. I’ll still be writing articles on creativity and the like, but they’ll all be shared here and via my newsletter from now on. No sense in sticking with a platform that’s clearly not working for me.

It’s that time of year again: National Novel Writing Month! I’m using this year’s 50K-in-30-Days insanity to finally knock out a draft of Summertime, Assassins, and Other Skullduggeries, and so far, I’m just over 20,000 words in. If I can keep that momentum through the entire month, I might have something.

Happy Birthday, Notna
My standalone fantasy Notna turned five years old last month after releasing on Oct. 10, 2017. Everyone who’s read Notna loved Notna, so why not add it to your library today?

Are You Ready for the Bitter End?
Because I’m apparently not. I wanted the sixth installment in the Jill Andersen series out by the end of the year, but issues with my editor have pushed back the timeline. Now, it’s looking like Bitter End might not release until early 2023, and that’s frustrating–because I know one of the reasons I struggle to get any audience traction is the length of time between releases.

Reading: It Is The Way
Currently reading: Pep Talks for Writers by Grant Faulkner; The First Binding by R.R. Virdi.

Tis the Season
You know what makes great holiday gifts? Books! Especially if you receive a Kindle or other e-reader. Gotta load them up with quality reads! Indie books make great holiday presents (including, you know, mine).

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