June 2022: Month in Review

Another look back at the past 30-ish days.

Gotta Have Pride
June was Pride Month, and while I’m loathe to use Pride to sell stuff — if a queer writer can’t hawk books containing queer characters in the 30 days we even pretend to like queer stuff, then when can I hawk my books?

Why I’m a queer author worth supporting (before and after June, too!).

Book Birthday — Times Two
June 1 marked the anniversary of two of my books: my debut Bounty published on June 1, 2015, and one year later, I published Behind the Badge, book three in the series. This month is pivotal in my being an indie author, and I’d appreciate some help in the celebration (even though, yes, June is over).

Pretty…Pretty Good
This month, I reviewed two must-reads: The Heartbeat of a Million Dreams by Halo Scot and Dreadknot, book eight in S.E. Anderson’s hilarious Starstruck series. They’re both five-star books, and you should have them on your shelf. Or e-reader.

Or both. Support those indie authors.

I Made a Funny
You should read it.

I Also Got Real
Because sometimes, I need to just vent my feelings. Because I’m not just a writer, I’m also a full-fledged person (or so I’m told).

New Music That Kicks Ass
Spiritbox has again graced us with their presence, and my Garbage-loving ass is here for it:


Writers are People, and Sometimes, People Suck
I’ve been as guilty of this as anyone, but maybe in light of everything we now know about people like Joss Whedon and J.K. Rowling, maybe it’s time we stop putting creative people up on pedestals.

Like, buy my books, read my books, enjoy my books. But don’t make me out to be anything more than a good writer.



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